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Project Waypoint is a collaborative resource available to Airlines for their pilots via subscription at an enterprise level.

The site & material can be customised to give you greater ownership and flexibility - though for reasons you will appreciate, communications and content will always be managed by ourselves to assure pilots of confidentiality and professional independence.

"To say there's an appetite for this project would be an understatement. Through our work with Peer Support Programmes we're constantly impressed by the willingness of pilots to offer help and advice. Many of them tell the same story that they wish they'd had a resource like this when they first recognised a concern about their own wellbeing. 

There are plenty of websites and resources out there of course, but none that directly address the topic with a dedicated focus on the pilot.  There are plenty of psychologists as well - but few with a team as experienced as ours.

Through our professional efforts and with the enormous reserves of good will that we can tap into, we're excited by the prospect of creating the world's most relevant resource for pilot mental health.   

Over time, our confidential data analytics will tell sponsoring Airlines which topics are of most interest to their pilots and how this compares with the industry benchmark.  

We hope you share our enthusiasm - please let us know."

Prof. Rob Bor 

Aedrian Bekker

Directors of the Centre for Aviation Psychology

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