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Pilot experiences

I was a brand new Captain in a huge, new base. I missed my little family, stuck in a hotel: a convenient but toxic, lonely environment, full of happy people going abroad.
My friends in that base were worked so hard it was a struggle to cross paths: I met one in four months.  



Thanks for visiting this page on loneliness, which is currently under construction.


If you have a story to share with colleagues about being lonely as a pilot, we would like to hear from you. We know you are not saying you have all the answers, but we would warmly welcome any practical resources, ideas and strategies which have worked for you.

Conditions of understanding

  • We reserve the right to edit and vet contributions. The simple reason is that we don't want to create another 'forum' - for reasons that we think you'll understand and appreciate. With the same logic, we haven't included 'chat facilities' on this site.

  • Practical ideas are really welcomed, our only stipulation is that they do not include adverts for services etc.

  • We accept your contributions in the spirit of positive intent. We appreciate you are not saying that you have the best solution or biggest issue etc.


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