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Your Involvement

Collaboration between professional mental health experts, AOCs and pilots is at the core of this project.


Together, we all have something to offer - whether that be practical ideas, explanations or experiences that collectively can help validate or normalise the life experiences of pilots who may be concerned about their mental wellbeing. 

If you've experienced or overcome an issue that impacted your mental wellbeing you may have also experienced a sense of 'I thought it was just me' - and that's why we'd encourage you to overcome your natural modesty and contribute if you can.

You are warmly encouraged to contribute the following:

  • Any factual omissions, errors or improvements that you can see that would help improve the content.

  • Personal experiences of mental health issues and other topics listed in our A-Z.

  • Practical resources, ideas and strategies that have worked for you.

  • Topics that you would like to be included in the project.

Conditions of understanding

  • We reserve the right to edit and vet contributions. The simple reason is that we don't want to create another 'forum' - for reasons that we think you'll understand and appreciate. With the same logic, we haven't included 'chat facilities' on this site.

  • Practical ideas are really welcomed, our only stipulation is that they do not include adverts for services etc.

  • We accept your contributions in the spirit of positive intent. We appreciate you are not saying that you have the best solution or biggest issue etc.


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