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Impact on Flying Know How

Some studies of depression have identified some impact on cognitive function, for example: speed of information processing, reaction times and memory.  Depression seems to affect the quality of our memories rather than how much we remember.  Many studies have identified some impairment of learning and memory, although this problem is usually understood as being secondary to difficulties in concentration, and does not form a prominent part of the symptom profile for depression. It is not included among the diagnostic criteria for depression. 

"Depression sneaks up on you in an insidious way… say its been a difficult landing… the voice in your head whispers 'of course its not gone well, because you’re not very good'.  When you're suffering from depression you blame yourself not an illness...."



"... depression caused a slipping of personal standards, rather than my skills as an aviator, I was less able to apply my leadership role as Captain, my motivation and ability to set the mood were diminished." Pilot Anon. 2017. 

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