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What is Depression?

What's the difference between feeling low and being depressed? What are the symptoms and how is it measured?

Implications of diagnosis

What are the implications for a pilot who thinks they are depressed? How common is this? What does an assessment look like?

Pilot experiences

A preview of real life accounts sent to us by pilots. How did it all start for them? What was their experience of working with depression and getting treatment? 

Impact on flying?

"I was less able to exercise my role as Captain ..."
What is the impact of depression on flying know how?

Self Assessment

The Beck Depression Inventory is a widely used questionnaire to help individuals assess depression. It's relatively short and you can take it here.

Treatment: Therapy

What does therapy involve? What type of therapy is acceptable according to the UK CAA?

Treatment: Antidepressants

How do antidepressants work? What are the different types? Emerging treatments. 


What do you know about suicide? How common is it? Who commits it? Is it more common in pilots than in other professions?


Information, exercises and advice on where to go next if you think you may be depressed.
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