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Welcome to Project Waypoint

Project Waypoint is a world first, aiming to provide a collaborative and well curated online resource for pilots. It seeks to address mental health topics within aviation as well as the psychological impact of specific aspects of the job (e.g. SIM Anxiety).


Pilots will learn about the professionals’ views on a wide variety of topics, together with available resources and guidance. More importantly though, they'll learn how other pilots have experienced and overcome the same issue.  


It's early days for the Project but through our 'demonstration topic' of Depression you will quickly get a sense of how the Project will grow and evolve as pilots continue to share their experiences with us and topics are fleshed out by subject matter experts. 

On this site, we've focused on the UK aviation industry, however, we already have interest from other countries and will expand our focus in due course.

Participating AOCs so far include: British Airways, Easyjet, Flybe and Thomas Cook.

We hope you share our excitement for the Project and its potential for improving mental health for all pilots.

Aedrian Bekker

Prof. Rob Bor




Our demonstration topic features nine sections of   pilot specific information. Includes self assessment, regulatory views and real-life accounts that demonstrate the collaborative power of this project.

A-Z of topics

With our own expertise and contributions from pilots, we are creating the most comprehensive and relevant resources for pilot mental health. 


Project Waypoint is available to Airlines for their pilots via subscription at an enterprise level. Customisable branding available if you want to make it your own.
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